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Glass & Mirrors

We're your go-to for all things glass, from picture frames to custom mirrors. With quality craftsmanship and personalized service...


Whether you're building a new home or replacing existing windows, we've got you covered...

Shower Doors & Enclosures

Elevate your bathroom with our custom-built shower options, expertly installed to fit your space perfectly..


Keep bugs at bay with Bennett's Glass. We offer expert screen repair and custom fabrication...

Commercial Storefront

Elevate your commercial space with our premium exterior and interior storefront solutions...


Expressions of our happy customers


"Great customer service! Needed glass to cover my kitchen table.  And this company nailed it! Great job guys!"

Zack Craghead

"The Milgard windows we purchased have far exceeded our expectations. They seem much more reliable and durable than other windows we have used. We are excited to have them function well into the future. The customer service from Bennett’s was fantastic!"

David Pack

"Very pleasant.  Will definitely go to Bennett for all my window needs."

Jason Havey

"A pleasure to work with installing egress windows in our basement! Very responsive and helpful when I called them multiple times. They emailed multiple quotes and clearly explained different options. Windows were in stock in a matter of weeks (I was expecting months). When concrete cutting took all day Friday, they came Saturday morning to finish installing. Two of our lowest priority windows were somehow measured incorrectly but they reordered the correct size and got them installed a few weeks later. Everything cost exactly what we were quoted originally."

Kyle Finlinson

"We had three large windows that had broken seals that made the windows foggy and streaked in between the panes of glass. The team at Bennett's provided a timely quote, ordered the glass, and did the install for exactly what they quoted. The windows look beautiful. If you need glass in the Bear Lake area, just call Bennett's. They'll do a fantastic job."

Ben Godfrey

"We had a bunch of old single pane windows replaced with modern, energy saving windows. We were presented with several options, and Aaron patiently explained pro's and con's of each as did the technician who took measurements. Communication was excellent throughout the process, and we are very pleased with the installation. Savings on heating bills will likely pay for the windows within five years. Highly recommend the team at Bennett's."

Nelson Cronyn

"These guys are great! Was moving my friend and her grandmothers mirror fell out of the back of the van and shattered the main panel she was devastated. Her birthday was the next day and I ran it up to Bennett's to see if I could have them fix it so she could get it back on her birthday, not only did they fix it but they told me not to worry about it that they were glad to help me out. I’ve had these guys cut multiple glass panels and plexiglass for me over the years they have always been good to me especially how they are. I appreciate the service you guys have and I recommend them."

Justin Trexler

"My wife needed two small pieces of plexiglass for a project.  I went to Bennett's Glass.  A very courteous young man helped me and provided exactly what I had requested. I asked how much I owed and with a pleasant smile he told me not to worry about the cost. I hadn't told him that we had replaced all of the windows in our home over fifteen years ago with Milgard windows from Bennett's. They are still perfect and the professional service we have received from Bennett's have proven that there is no need to go anywhere else. They are the best in products and service."

Glade Christensen

"I had 3 doors that the cold air was coming through around the edges. I scheduled an appointment, 2 guys from Bennett’s Glass showed up at the exact time they were supposed to (very knowledgeable and kind) did an amazing job, they made sure everything was sealed. I wish I would’ve called them sooner.  Thank you so much.  I will call you again if I need anything else."

Cherie Larsen

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